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General Questions

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General Questions

What are ShowCase?

ShowCase is the case management system for Palm Beach County.
ShowCase’s web application allows any member of the public to search and view detailed information about all civil, criminal and traffic cases filed, such as charges, dispositions, sentences, court dates and more.

What are some advanced features of ShowCase?

  • Set court dates from home.
  • View up-to-date case information, such as court orders and dispositions, as it happens in the courtroom.
  • Traffic school completion certificates are uploaded directly into the system electronically.
  • Attorneys can view document images for cases in which they appear as the attorney of record.

Why can attorneys access electronic court documents but the public cannot?

Pursuant to Florida Supreme Court Administrative Order AOSC14-19, the Clerk's office has begun pilot testing of a new system called eCaseview that will allow the public to view and print case documents remotely through our website. Once we successfully complete the required pilot program and the Supreme Court approves our system, eCaseView will become available to the public. Look for more information in mid-2016.

Do I need special software to search court records on my computer?

The ShowCase court records search is compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari web browsers. The Microsoft Silverlight plugin must be installed. ShowCase is not supported in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge web browsers or on Apple iPhones or iPads at this time.

Can I view my balance on a case?

Yes.  Balance information and payment plan details are available online.

Can I schedule a court date for a citation using the web?

Yes. To schedule a court date, select the “Set Court Date for Citation” button on the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen and enter the required criteria. You will need your citation number, driver’s license number and date of birth. Once the court date is selected, it cannot be changed using the online system.  Video hearings, as well as hearings scheduled for Saturdays, cannot be requested using the online system.

Can I see an outstanding capias/warrant on my case?

Yes. Warrants and Capiases for Failure to Appear, Violation of Supervised OR, and Violation of Probation are indicated by a red asterisk. Additional information is available on the Dockets tab.   

How can I view my court date and location?     

After performing a search and locating the desired case, you may select the Court Events tab to display the relevant court information, including date, time, and location.

When can I see the result of my case online?

Information from court hearings is posted immediately.

Are there changes to the way reports are produced using ClerkCart, the Clerk’s case reports program?

ClerkCart customers will continue to receive the same case reports previously produced. 

Who do I contact for technical assistance?

You may call the Clerk’s Call Center at (561) 355-2996 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, except on legal holidays. You may also view the user manual to learn how to use the system.

Traffic Schools

What is my Documents?

my Documents is a secure web portal that provides attorneys, traffic schools, and other authorized users with extended access to ShowCase. Attorneys can view electronic documents of cases for which they appear as the attorney of record, and traffic schools can upload defendant certificates of completion.

How do I gain access to my Documents?

Traffic schools must register with the Clerk's office in order to log into the system. New traffic schools should email clerkweb@mypalmbeachclerk.com and a representative from the Clerk’s office will contact you with instructions.

How do I submit defendant school completions using my Documents?

After selecting the School Completions icon, enter the appropriate citation number. Next, you will enter the school completion date, completion description and upload a copy of the certificate. Once all information is entered, click Submit to electronically send the record of the completion. 


What is my Documents? 

my Documents is a secure web portal that provides attorneys, traffic schools, and other authorized users with extended access to ShowCase. Attorneys can view electronic documents of cases for which they appear as the attorney of record, and traffic schools can upload defendant certificates of completion.  

What information will I be able to access online through my Documents?

Attorneys can view document images for cases in which they appear as the attorney of record. These images can be printed using their own computer. All members of the general public can request to view cases in person at the courthouse or view general case information online, such as sentences, charges, dispositions and more.

Later in 2016, all online court records searches will move to a new web service called eCaseView, which works in all major web browsers as well as on mobile devices and tablets. eCaseView will also allow the public to view images of court case documents online, for free.

How do I request access to my Documents?

Attorneys are required to complete a registration form. If submitting the form electronically, it must be notarized. If submitting the form in person at the Clerk’s office, the attorney’s Bar ID and photo identification are required.

Can I reschedule a court date for a citation or any type of case?

No. Rescheduling of court dates must be handled in the Clerk’s office.

Can I file pleas or schedule court dates using my Documents?

Only pro se defendants are able to schedule their court dates online. Attorneys will continue to file pleas and schedule court dates by e-filing, mail, or in-person at the Clerk’s office.

How can I determine if my client has an outstanding capias/warrant?

In my Documents, cases with an outstanding capias/warrant display a red asterisk in the information summary.

Can I view a list of court dates and locations for all my cases?

No. Each case must be searched individually to access court dates and times.

How soon after the court date can my client view the outcome for a case?

Case outcomes are updated in real time and are available immediately after the case is processed.

Does my client receive documentation of the court proceedings for a traffic ticket?

Each defendant/representative receives a Judgment & Sentence, minutes of the court proceeding or notice of hearing, as applicable.

Can my client schedule a payment plan using my Criminal Records?

No. Payment plans must be set up in person at the Clerk’s office.

How can I view my clients’ driving records?

Driving records are generally available through my Documents at least seven days prior to the scheduled court hearing. Attorneys may view electronic documents in cases for which they appear as the attorney of record.

Why can I see driver’s license numbers?

Pursuant to Florida Statute, section 119.0712(2), a driver’s license number that is included in a law enforcement officer’s report is not confidential or exempt from disclosure and copying whether that information was obtained from a statement by the owner of the driver’s license, by the officer when viewing the driver’s license or from viewing a record of the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.


Will I be able to access my docket using a computer outside of my office?

Yes. Judges may access electronic images of case documents from any computer with Internet access by visiting my Documents.

Will I be able to see outstanding capias/warrants online?

Yes. An outstanding capias/warrant (for court admin users) is indicated by a red star next to the defendant's name in a search/court events view.

Will the same case information in the court file be available electronically?

For cases filed in 2008 and after, electronic images of documents are available online. However, most cases prior to 2008 have not been scanned and are not available online.

Will the same case information in the hard copy of the court calendar be provided online?

The online calendar shows the same information as the hard copy calendar plus additional information as well.

How soon are affidavits of defense posted to civil traffic cases?

As long as the affidavit of defense is filed in a timely manner, the document is docketed to the case by the day of the hearing and the document image is available electronically.

Are all motions filed in cases made available electronically prior to court?

Yes. Document images filed prior to court are available on the case docket at the completion of case processing.


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