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Pursuant to 119.12 (2), F.S., the custodian of public records is Hampton Peterson, 561.355.2996.

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Public Records Fees


Recording - (561) 355-2991

The Clerk & Comptroller provides non-interest bearing escrow accounts for payment of services such as Recording fees. Read more about escrow accounts.

The Recording Department accepts payment by cash, credit card, check or money order only. Make checks payable to Sharon R. Bock, Clerk & Comptroller.

Hard-copy documents submitted for recording will not be returned without one of the following:

  • A self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) with the proper amount of postage affixed OR
  • Check or money order made payable to the Clerk & Comptroller Palm Beach County or cash payment for the proper return postage and cost for a return envelope (see mailing fees chart below)

Unclaimed documents will be destroyed after six (6) months.

Mailing Fees
Mailing fees for hard copy documents submitted for recording without a self-addressed stamped envelope:
1 - 5 pages
6 - 50 pages
51 - 150 pages
151 pages or more: Postage will be calculated at the time of recording
Recording Fees
Recording any instrument not more than 8½" x 14", first page $10.00
- Each additional page or fraction $8.50
Copies up to and including 8 ½" x 14", per page $1.00
Certifying copies, per instrument $2.00
Acknowledgement of Affidavit of Domicile by Deputy Clerk, additional fee
Documents referencing property: Abstract Fee, per document
- 1st legal description $0.60
- 2nd legal description $0.60
- each additional legal description $0.20
- Additional search fee, per document* $2.00
Intangible tax** $0.002
State documentary stamps on promise to pay instruments, rounded up to the
     nearest $100 (per $100) $0.35
- Certified mail (Additional charges may apply for large packages or international mail) $6.88
- Registered mail (Additional charges may apply for large packages or international mail) $15.33
Motor vehicle sale, indexing and recording certificates of compliance (per page) $10.00
Indexing instruments which contain more than 4 names - this includes names listed as
     successor by merger, aka, fka, nka, dba, etc. (per additional name) $1.00
Making and serving certificate of transfer of lien from property to security:
- Cash bond $20.00†
- Surety bond $28.50†
- Transfer of multiple liens to one security, each additional lien $10.00
- Registry Fee for cash bonds = 3% of 1st $500 (=$15.00) deposited, and 1.5% of the remaining balance
     of the amount being transferred.
Foreign judgment service fee $42.00
Examining, certifying and recording plats and condominium exhibits greater than
     8½" x 14", first page $30.00
- Each additional page $15.00
State documentary stamps on instruments conveying interest in real property,
     rounded up to the nearest $100, per $100 $0.70
Administrative fee for timeshare foreclosure Trustee Deeds (Florida Statute 721.20) $50.00

*Only applicable if document to be recorded does not contain a legal description but cites a book and page number reference, or a Clerk’s File Number

**Intangible Tax is required on obligations to pay money involving real estate. The rate is .002 for each $1.00 consideration. State Doc Stamps and Intangible Tax are required on any Agreement for Deed or Contract for Deed. Visit the Department of Revenue's Web site for more information on documentary stamp and intangible taxes.

†Plus postage and Recording Fees

Palm Beach County Recording Fees Calculator

Do you often record deeds, mortgages, lis pendens or other documents in the Official Record Books of Palm Beach County? Calculate the recording fees, doc stamps, and other fees for recording your document.

Try the recording fees calculator.

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(561) 355-2996
The Clerk & Comptroller’s office uses a third-party to process credit card transactions. Customers paying by credit card will be charged a 3.5 percent service charge from MyFloridaCounty.com.
Customers may also pay by check or money order by mail or in person at any of our office locations, or pay with cash in person.
Make checks and money orders payable to “Clerk & Comptroller.”
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